Disaster Plan

WNG Management Services, Inc.

Disaster Preparation Procedures
SeaCrest Condominium's Owners Association
(Board of Directors approved)


         The following procedures will be performed by WNG Management Services personnel as well as Resident Managers

I.                   Front Office and Reservations (FD)


Call and notify employees to show up or stay home (put all employees on telephone standby).


Notify guests of evacuation and provide instructions by flyer.
-      Put flyer in unit on counter over dishwasher if not home (moving everything from that area so the flyer is the only thing there).
- Inform all guests that they are required to check out prior to evacuating (all guest belongings must be removed at the time of evacuation).
- Inform guests their refund will be mailed at a later date.
- Call all resident owners to have vehicles removed from garage (prefer off property)
- Remove all vehicles from property. Guest vehicles must go with evacuating guests.


Print next 72 hours of guest and owner arrivals with phone numbers.  Call all incoming guests and notify each of them of evacuation order.


Change message on phone to notify callers of evacuation and an alternate point of contact


Move Newspaper stands to 2nd floor elevator landing.


Move items in kitchen to higher shelves (as required).

II.            Roof (Maintenance)


- Turn off all air conditioners on the roof and in the units.


- Remove disconnects from the air conditioning units. 


- Ensure no debris or loose articles are on the roof.


- Close, secure, and lock roof access door.


III.             Buildings and Grounds (Maintenance)


         SeaCrest (Maintenance)


Move grounds equipment to north storage - keep items off floor (where applicable)


Keep access to fire pumps in pump room clear.


Empty trash cans and move them to dumpster room and pump room


Store luggage carts in cart storage room, put remainder in 2nd floor elevator room.
(Stack as needed.)


Cover keyhole in all maintenance/utility room door locks with tape.


Clear trash chute rooms of trash.


Clear supplies from plastic storage sheds � move to higher ground?  


Disassemble plastic sheds and store in indoor pool area.


Tape/seal bottom half of all doors on ground floor with aluminum tape prior to sandbagging. Including laundry room.


Ensure access to electrical equipment is not blocked in the main electrical room.


Secure North & South gates on each floor in open position (zip tie to rail)


Turn off irrigation system.


Unplug vending machines.


Turn off gas supply to all of the property.


 Turn off water at boost pump room.


Call AFPS (Alarm Monitoring Service) and inform them the power will be turned off manually (causing alarm) and will remain off until after the storm.


Turn off all of the breakers inside each unit.


Turn off electrical power to each unit in the electrical rooms on applicable floors.


Turn off electrical power to each floor in the Main electrical room.


Turn off electrical power to the entire building at the main electrical room


After all guests have left and unit prep has been completed, move and leave elevators on 7th floor.
Shut off elevators in the 2nd floor elevator room.

IV.         Pools (Maintenance)




Move all pool furniture to the indoor pool area.


Move the life saver pole and float to the indoor pool area.


Use liquid chlorine to shock indoor and outdoor pools.


Shut down and remove pumps (store on shelf in fire pump room).


Secure and lock gates (use zip ties to prevent gates from swinging in the wind if they become unlatched).


Close off swim-through.


Turn off lights.


Lock pool doors.


Turn off shower faucets.


Use plywood to line outside rail and gate area (west side of pool).


Remove gate leading to the garage from the boardwalk.


Shut off power to Etech at Etech and at the breakers.

V.            Units (Housekeeping)




Ensure all guests and owners have departed and no food is left behind; turn off refrigerator and leave door open.


Lock sliders and pull drapes closed.


Remove screen doors and all items from balcony � store in living room.(Maintenance can assist).


Ensure all drains (sinks, tub, and showers) in unit are left open.


Turn off all of the breakers inside each unit.


Lock and deadbolt front door; place tape over keyholes on locks


Close passage between efficiency and main unit on north and south end three bedroom units.


Ensure all windows and sliders are locked.


Bring door mats inside units


Turn off all breakers.

VI.         Final walk through and notify WNG Management all is secure.


Ensure all tasks are completed (managers will check lists).


Ensure all doors are securely closed and locked (use deadbolt where applicable).

Supplies on hand

          Flash lights--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10
          Batteries for radios (AA)------------------------------------------------------------------- 24
          Tarps ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  6
          Rope ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 500 ft
          Aluminum Tape ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 3 rolls
          File Boxes------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 6
          Portable Radio (plus extra batteries)--------------------------------------------------------- 2

Note Area

Contact office for SC/VC is at WNG Corporate Office on Beal Parkway 850-243-0770

Reserve bobcat for after storm 2-3 days out and 2nd reservation for 1 week out (2 weeks out)


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